About the Artist



Anna Z Art pencilWhile Anna’s family is from Russia, she was born in Germany, but now calls China her home, where she lives with her husband.

The art of drawing with a pencil has always been a major part of Anna’s life. Drawing in the style of realism is what she loves to do, to recreate life as we see and know it with just a few simple pencils and pastels.

Having never formally studied art and therefore not experienced in drawing from life, Anna primarily uses HQ reference photographs to create her work. This is also, because a realistic portrait takes time, and drawing from a life model would only put strain on both the artist and the model posing. Drawing from photos gives Anna the opportunity to thrive for realism in each piece and capture every fine detail.

Anna has been developing her commission based work since graduating from high school 2007. In recent times, she has focused on drawing human portraits. She desires to capture the essence of beauty, either felt or seen.

While busily attempting the most painstaking imitation of nature, I do not for a moment let go of the feeling which has gripped me. Reality is a part of art but emotion completes it.
(Jean Baptiste Camille Corot)

In the past years Anna has worked on different projects for book covers, magazines or websites. She also does all illustrations for her China-based blog Lost Panda. In February 2015 she has released her first children’s book “Maomao and the Nian Monster”, which she wrote and illustrated herself.

She glady accepts commissions for people and/or pets (single or group) portrait drawings or other illustrations. If you would like a quote or more information, feel free to contact her.



“Graphite pencil and colored pencil drawings are the most basic and purest form of art for me. When I draw, my pencil is not just a tool, but an extension of my fingers and it becomes this magic wand opening up a whole new universe and allowing me to completely connect with my artwork. I usually draw from digitally-enhanced photographs, not from live models, and this gives me the possibility to achieve realistic and highly detailed drawings.

Having been fascinated by the human face from an early age, I prefer to draw portraits, but occasionally I also draw animals. I have always used graphite pencils, but in recent years I have discovered the magic that a simple colored pencil can do. Still an infant in the art world, colored pencil works can be as beautiful as an oil painting.


“Joy” 2015. Mixed media.


To achieve the result I want for my portraits, I like to mix media. I have experimented with soft pastels in combination with colored pencils.

Also, adding watercolour to the mix can give beautiful artistic results (as you can see in portrait of “Joy” on the left side).


I am developing as an artist with every piece I do and I wish to continue so for a long time.”